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How To Buy?

Malaysia online Korean fashion wholesale with dropship service

*For EVERY CUSTOMER minimum order is 10 pieces,
any designs, styles and colors combination.

*For PREPAID MEMBER minimum order is only 1 piece.
How to be a PREPAID MEMBER? click here http://esgesee.com/membership/

Below is the tutorial to make order at Esgesee Fashion :-

Step 1: Register/Login to Esgesee.com.

Step 2: You need to subscribe a PREPAID  MEMBERSHIP. 

*if you want to make BULK purchase (minimum 10 mix pieces) skip to STEP 4

Read here: http://esgesee.com/membership/
We provide dropship clothes.Malaysia online fashion wholesale, dropship service. Malaysia online boutique offering trendy women fashion clothing and apparel from Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. We have dropship clothes in Malaysia. Korea dress, we always update new products on our page. We are specialize in dropship program for Women clothing and afshion products in Malaysia. Fesyen baju terkini

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Step 3: After you have successfully subscribed PREPAID  MEMBERSHIPmake sure we have activated your PREPAID ACCOUNT and you can see your current credit balance : click here 

Step 4:  Now you can start shopping! Go to our product page http://esgesee.com/shop/ .
Click ‘ Add to cart ‘ to locate item into your shopping cart.

We are women clothes Store Supplier, we have Drop Shipping service. We provide Malaysian fashion supplier, women clothing wholesaler, apparel distributor, and clothes in Malaysia. We do wholesale for women clothing.

Step 5:  Click on shipping cart ribbon to see what is in your shopping cart.

Malaysia Dropship,Dropship from Malaysia Supplier. Find Variety Dropship Product from our online shop. We are Malaysia online fashion wholesale, dropship service.


Step 6:  Click on ‘proceed to check out’ to go to ‘check out’ page.

Welcome to Esgesee. We are Malaysia Ladies Sweet Fashion Online Shopping Store Expertised in supplying wholesale and dropship for many Korean fashion Clothes.


Step 7:  Enter ‘Sender’ and ‘Recipient’  information.

Step 8:  Select your Payment method and click ‘place order’.


Order Completed! Thank you!

Any problems? Dont hesistate to Contact Us Today + 0125746790
Anda mempunyai sebarang masalah? Jangan ragu-ragu hubungi kami 0125746790

Malaysia online Korean fashion dress shirts tops pants and many more

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