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We Know How You Feel

We know how you feel frustrated when you have made a purchase via online and you will be surprised when you receive a torn shirt (even micro) and stitches are not neat and crooked stitching .
We know many of our customers do not know how to sew and do not have time to repair even only a small  defect on their clothes.

Customer Return
Did you know that many online clothing seller sent customer’s ordered item with a hole torn clothes, messy sewing and stains on fabric to their customers and they are hoping their customers did not respond and they take advantage of the many customers like this .

We know you are too busy to go to the post office to make the process of returning it back to us if there is damage to the clothes that you have purchased. We do not want you to waste your time . We have a range of skilled and fashion expert dedicated team and they will make sure you will not receive bad item from us. Their job is like a goal keeper. They will ensure that no defective item escaped to the customer.

Esgesee’s Operation Manager
In spite of our success to captivate customers and ensure that our customers receive the best product from ESGESEE FASHION expert team, did you know that we have very strict Operation Manager working around the clock like a USA Military team.

Big Issue
Any feedback/email of customer received bad item is the most BIGGEST ISSUE  for us here. Now we hope you know that NOT everyone is able to work like us in ESGESEE FASHION.

If you are not yet made ​​a purchase from us today and if you read our words as above, we are sure you’ve got like half the satisfaction of your purchases for today.

Zero defects is very important to our business reputation and ranking.
Therefore we are very serious about this. We are not only guarantee zero defect but we make sure it is zero defect! SSSSSSSSERIOUSLY!

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Thank You,
by: Esgesee.com Founder.

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